Social Media News Releases

July 8, 2010 at 9:04 pm (PRCA 3330 Personal)

  • What is a Social Media News Release?
    • A Social Media News Release is a press release format ideal for use in the online world that is relevant to a variety of audiences. They are sometimes called Multimedia News Releases or Smart Media Release (or SMNRs). The ways in which news is released to the public is evolving with our ever-growing technological advances. Electronic distribution services now make it possible for news releases to contain photos and videos and have audio capabilities. According to our textbook, major services of this type have “teamed up with search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and MSN to promote maximum exposure of the news release through search engine optimization” (Pg. 136Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (6th Ed.).
    • describes an SMNR as: “A MultiVu Multimedia News Release is a tried and true resource that provides a multifaceted audience with all of the assets of your news story into one streamlined package.”
  • What are the advantages & disadvantages of an SMNR?
    • One advantage of a Social Media News Release is that it exciting enough to keep the interest of its readers. They visual and audio appeals that capture the attention of the audience and serves as a more interactive way to market to certain publics.
    • They are also targeted towards a broader audience than press releases of the past. Traditional media and the press are not the only ones being exposed to these messages.
    • Also, by teaming up with search engines the press release has the opportunity to be seen by more people. Many people use search engines on a regular basis and an SMNR along their search topic can help them better understand it. So it’s a win-win situation, the company gets its exposure and the consumer gets what they are seeking as well.
    • A disadvantage of a Social Media News Release is that even though the visual and audio appeals of a press release can have an effect on who will take the time to read it, the content is still the main concern of many readers.
    • Sometimes an extensive amount of technology featured in a social media news release can take away from its news value. Some want just the facts, nothing fancy like photos and audio or video clips.
    • Another disadvantage of an SMNR is that they are not filtered by gatekeepers, which monitor the content. I think that it is a good thing to have the content monitored to a certain extent to avoid inappropriate things being published.
  • When should a PR practitioner consider using an SMNR?
    • PR practitioners should start utilizing Social Media News Releases as soon as possible to keep up with the changing times.
    • They are appropriate for use whenever a company needs to reach a wide variety of people in a small amount of time.
  • Here are a few links to websites that assist in creating Social Media News Releases:
  • Here are a few links to Social Media News Releases created by various organizations:
  • Here are some tips for creating a Social Media News Release:
    • Don’t overload your audience with an abundance of links. Too many links will draw focus away from the message and confuse journalists.
    • Before creating an SMNR it is important to know how the press functions. Educate yourself on the way in which media relations works.
    • Make sure that headlines and paragraphs are placed in key positions so the reader can see what is important.
    • Make sure you include a few links to other websites that reinforce what you want your audience to take away from the message. This will reinforce the central idea of your point.
    • Be sure that the correct format is being used for the appropriate message you wish to send. Many press releases are disregarded because they are written in the wrong format; don’t let this happen to you!
    • Do not submit/publish any false information. Reporters won’t want to work with you if you give them incorrect information.
    • Make sure the length of your SMNR is appropriate. Don’t say too little, but at the same time you want your message to be concise enough to keep the attention of the reader.

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J’adore Paris!

July 7, 2010 at 3:11 pm (PRCA 3330 Personal)

The Eiffel Tower and I :)

Here I am a few days ago on our "American in Paris" scavenger hunt across the city on the 4th of July!

          I am currently doing the study abroad program through the University System of Georgia (USG) in Paris, France! I am having so much fun and learning so many things about the European culture. The class I’m taking here is Cross Cultural Communication and it couldn’t be more fitting for this trip because not only am I learning about different cultures in the classroom, I’m actually experiencing it everyday!

          The program put together an “American in Paris” 4th of July scavenger hunt for us and my group ended up taking first place! The prize is a hot air ballon ride above the city and we are going as soon as all of our schedules match up! I’ll be sure to take some fantastic pictures and share them with everyone 🙂

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About ME!

June 1, 2010 at 6:36 pm (PRCA 3330 Personal)

         Hello everyone! Just wanted to give a little bit of background information to everyone who happens to come across my blog.. My name is Lauren O’Sullivan and I am a 20-year-old PR student at Georgia Southern University. I’ve been going to school and living in Statesboro for almost three years now and I love my life here at GSU. Before college I lived in Woodstock, Ga (a little north of Atlanta) for about 16 years. I was born in Massachusetts and lived in Norton, Ma until I was two and my parents and I moved to Georgia.

         Me in a nutshell- my family and friends are everything to me, I wouldn’t be who I am today if it wasn’t for all of them! I grew up living with my mother, father, and my younger sister Erin in a sub-urban metro Atlanta-ish neighborhood. They have been there for me through everything along with old and new friends I’ve made over the years. My sister and I actually share a birthday, which most people can’t say about their sibling unless they’re a twin or something. We were born on the exact same day at the end of June only three years apart. I am very spontaneous at times and I can be messy when I get lazy or too busy to worry about it, but many people have that problem to a certain extent.. I love trying new things and meeting new people! I am very creative and I love looking at everyday things in unique perspectives. I believe that everything happens for a reason and people come in and out of our lives so we can learn and grow through the experiences we share. I am a very passionate person who enjoys the freedom my life allows me to have. I wouldn’t change a minute of my life, even the bad, because my experiences have taught me so much. I’m not proud of everything in my past but the mistakes I’ve made help me learn who I want to be and how I want to carry out my life. Something I place extreme value upon is staying true to who you really are. Be the person you want to be, we only get one life and I don’t want to take advantage of a single second of this life that I have been blessed with. Don’t change for anyone, its not worth it.  I appreciate everything I have because I work hard for it. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, and most importantly, I’m true to ME!

         I loved being involved in sports when I was growing up; I’ve tried everything from ballet and gymnastics to basketball softball and soccer, but in high school I found that track, swimming, and cheerleading were the ones that I enjoyed the most. I had my first job with a steady paycheck when I was 16 years old. I worked in that restaurant for about three years and it really taught me how to manage my own money, balance time between work school and my own life, and made me grow up a little bit because of the extra responsibility. That job also made me into the hard worker that I am today, even though I hated having to work when some of my friends had free time, I’m thankful now for everything I learned from that experience.

          I hope this gives you a little insight to my life and helps explain why I am who I am. As I mentioned before I love meeting new people so feel free to let me know what you think!


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Summer 2010

May 25, 2010 at 2:40 am (PRCA 3330 Personal)

     Well here’s my first post of the summer.. I hope everyone is ready to blog! I am especially excited that it’s finally summer for many reasons. My 21st birthday is at the end of June and I also share a birthday with my sister so she will be turning 18 on the same day.

      I am also studying abroad in Paris from July 1st to August 5th! This will be my first time leaving the country so I am interested to see where my travels will take me. I am enrolled in a Cross-Cultural Communication class for the study abroad term and it seems like it will be very interesting. I am especially looking forward to it because this class will explore how people from different cultures interact and I will be learning about this in a culture that is very different than anything I have ever experienced. We had our orientation a few weekends ago in Milledgeville at Georgia College and State University and now I’m even more anxious than ever to explore Europe!

      We were allowed to choose two additional regions of Europe to use our Eurail pass on during the weekends and free time and I chose Benelux (Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg) and Germany. The cultures that I will be exposed to in these regions will greatly differ from the ones in France, I’m assuming, and I can’t wait to see the diversity that Europe has to offer.

     When I come home from my study abroad trip in Paris I will begin the fourth fall semester of my college career. Atfer summer A term I will officially be a senior! It makes me sad to think that college is almost over for me but I am so interested to see where my future will take me! After college I would love to move home to the Atlanta area or somewhere near there, but who knows, if I find a job elsewhere I’ll have to go with the flow!

     This has been just a little bit of what’s on my mind lately, let me know what you think!

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