July 11, 2010 at 12:26 pm (PRCA 3330 Topic of the Week)

          This week I took Poynter News University’s Five Steps to MultiMedia Storytelling and for our seventh topic of the week I will explain what I learned from this class. I am very glad to have taken this class because now I feel more comfortable choosing a story, creating a storyboard, editing the story, reporting with multimedia and producing the story as well.

          I think it is very important for a PR writer to be able to effectively use tools such as video, audio, and graphics because our society is becoming more technologically advanced with each day and stories are always more interesting, to me, when they include one or more of these elements. This course went a lot more in-depth than I expected it to and I am very glad that it did because, before taking the class, I had no idea that so much went in to creating a good story.

          I now feel very comfortable using multimedia to create a story that will attract the attention of my target audience. The most valuable things that I took away from this course include:

  • Identifying the elements in a multimedia story such as audio, video, and graphics.
  • Being able to identify which stories are more appropriate for multimedia use.
  • Sketching a concept for a story, or creating a storyboard.
  • Identifying the tools needed to gather content in the field.

          Using audio, video, and graphics really gives the audience a sense that they are there as the story is happening. The story becomes a lot more interactive and is much more appealing to the eyes and ears of the viewers.

          I would still like to go further in-depth with the type of information I learned in this course and maybe this time have someone with me so we can learn from each other. I am a very hands-on learner and I think it would be easier for me to work with someone so we can answer each other’s questions and help each other with any bumps in the road that we may come across.


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