July 10, 2010 at 8:00 pm (PRCA 3330 Topic of the Week)

          For this week’s TOW I went to the Creative Careers website and listened to a podcast designed to help out with networking at social events. The podcast that I chose to write about was an interview with Sandy Jones-Kaminski who talked about her recent book I’m at a Networking Event- Now What??? A Guide to Getting the most out of Any Networking Event. She discussed a few tips from the book and described her background in marketing and business development and how networking allowed her to come across such success in her career.

          She started off by addressing the common problems that people make while trying to network and how things such as the wrong body language can do more harm than good. She also adds that her book is perfect for anyone who is new to networking and wants to learn more about how to be successful in meeting people and making a strong lasting impression. Recent college graduates, for example, may want to establish a positive impression with other people in order to build up their reputation in the networking world.

          One of the guidelines she mentioned was asking good questions; it is important to do this rather than just say the first thing that comes to mind because sometimes that can come off as unprofessional and unplanned. Ask questions that are appropriate and still provoke the response you are looking for without coming across as annoying.

          Kaminski also talks about what she refers to as a “name tag scan” which is when someone you are having a conversation with in a networking environment ignores you and focuses on a “big name” that happens to walk by. It is not necessarily your fault if something like this happens to you, but in the case that it does, you should not feel bad and simply disassociate yourself with this type of behavior.

          She also stresses the importance of finding the host(s) and/or sponsor(s) of the event, introducing yourself, thanking them for having you there, and asking if they know anyone who is looking for help with social media work. This is a great way to offer your skills in social media and also expand your network by meeting new people and giving a strong lasting impression.

          I really enjoyed listening to this podcast because it was so easy to do at home. I can clean my room, do my laundry, cook dinner, or many other things while still paying attention and taking in all of the information the podcast has to offer.


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