J’adore Paris!

July 7, 2010 at 3:11 pm (PRCA 3330 Personal)

The Eiffel Tower and I :)

Here I am a few days ago on our "American in Paris" scavenger hunt across the city on the 4th of July!

          I am currently doing the study abroad program through the University System of Georgia (USG) in Paris, France! I am having so much fun and learning so many things about the European culture. The class I’m taking here is Cross Cultural Communication and it couldn’t be more fitting for this trip because not only am I learning about different cultures in the classroom, I’m actually experiencing it everyday!

          The program put together an “American in Paris” 4th of July scavenger hunt for us and my group ended up taking first place! The prize is a hot air ballon ride above the city and we are going as soon as all of our schedules match up! I’ll be sure to take some fantastic pictures and share them with everyone 🙂



  1. ce00363 said,

    This is an experience you will remember forever. I went to Europe last summer and I enjoyed it immensely. I went their for vacation, but came back alot more educated than I had planned. I saw many different types of cultures all in one city, Rome. That city was crawling with different types of people, languages, and cultures. I did not even have to try to learn. Being their was enough for me. I was overwelmed sometimes with the things I was viewing, but it was all well worth it. So with that said, take in as much as possible and do not be afraid to ask questions. One more thing dont drink too much (its easy to do). Enjoy yourself

    • lauren2689 said,

      So far I am loving Europe! I bet Rome was beautiful, I would love to travel there as well but all the trains to Spain and Italy are full because it is vacation month for the people in France so it’s extremely difficult to book seats. I have been seeing and learning something new everyday and it was overwhelming at first but I am getting used to it now, I can’t get enough! I haven’t been doing much drinking; the metro closes around 12:30 A.M. on weekdays and some stay open until 2:00 A.M. on weekends, but I’m afraid to get so intoxicated and stranded without a way home. Plus, I’m in a foreign city where I don’t speak the language and I don’t want let myself get lost or wind up with the wrong group of people. Some of the members in our study abroad group have made some bad decisions so I’m learning from their mistakes that I’d rather take advantage of every second I’m here and not spend the days hungover.. Thanks so much for the comments Charlie! I hope you’re enjoying yourself this summer and hopefully we will have more classes together in the Fall!

  2. abbym1 said,

    That is so cool! I took intercultural communication this spring and I really enjoyed it. I could not imagine taking cross cultural communication while being in a totally different country! I bet it is amazing. I have never been out of the country and traveled but it is something that I have always wanted to do. My best friend just spent this past spring semester in Tilburg, Holland. She loved it and didn’t want to come home. Enjoy the time that you have there because you never know when you are going to be able to get back. Take lots of pictures of the hot air balloon ride!

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