Chapter 10 Reading Notes

July 6, 2010 at 11:34 pm (PRCA 3330 Reading Notes)

          Chapter ten in our  Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques textbook is entitled “Distributing News to the Media.” This chapter deals with selectin gthe appropriate channels of distribution that will ensure that your materials will reach the correct media and intended audience.

          Media directories are vital for compiling media lists and information; they can range from CR-ROMs to online versions. In order to remain current it is important to update media lists and e-mail contacts on a regular basis because journalists frequently change jobs.

          In order for a publicist to find out what special editions various publications are planning for the year, it is important to keep up with editorial calendars. Publicists can become aware of what types of material a publication station is seeking for a specific purpose by using tip sheets.

          Mailing labels must be addressed to the correct editor using their specific name and details such as the floor or suite number of an office building should be included. Electronic media is growing in popularity with each day and the vast majority of news releases and other press materials are now distributed using these types of media. E-mail is also a popular way of communicating with reporters and editors about possible story ideas. However, the best work can be acheived when the reporter and the PR professional have already established a working relationship.

          Journalists rely on online newsrooms as the primary source for late-breaking news and other information about an organization. Electronic newswires distribute news releases to internet search engines and social networking sites, allowing the public to access the information. These news releases include photos, graphics, and video clips embedded into the basic news release. In order to take full advantage of search engine optimization, publicists must use keywords that consumers are most likely to use to search for information.


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