Chapter 8 Reading Notes

July 1, 2010 at 4:19 am (PRCA 3330 Reading Notes)

          Chapter eight in our Public Relations Writing & Media Techniques textbook discusses how to select publicity photos and graphics. Photos and graphics add variety to stories and capture the interest of the audience in a way that words cannot. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.

          The chapter starts off with determining the components of a good photograph. The technical quality, subject matter, compostition, action, scale, camera angle, lighting and timing, and color of the photograph must all be considered when selecting an appropriate photograph to accompany a story or to tell a story within itself.

          The next section of chapter eight discusses proper ways for a public relations professional to interact with photographers. The first thing to do is select the appropriate photographer for the job you need them to complete. It is also important to have the agreement with the photographer documented in writing. Planning ahead saves time and money when thinking about a photo session. When editing a photo cropping an retouching should be considered and it is vital for a PR professional to know when and where to use these editing tools.

        There are also ethical considerations to keep in mind when altering photographic images. Editors must be sure not to alter the original image too much in order to keep it professional and real. This chapter provides so much useful information for PR professionals (or future PR professionals such as myself) to keep in mind when selecting and editing photos to accompany their stories.


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