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June 12, 2010 at 8:25 pm (PRCA 3330 PR Connections)

          Many of you may already know about the on going rivalry between the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers, but for those who aren’t familiar they are basically two teams with incredible talent striving to achieve the same goal: winning the 2010 NBA championship. I came across this website that I found to be pretty interesting because the homepage features pictures of both the Boston Garden and the Staples Center and you can click on either one to be sent to another page containing more information about the specific team.

          Being a Boston native myself, I was naturally drawn to the photo of the Boston (or should I say the TD Banknorth) Garden. Once you stray from the homepage and explore the content about each team, you can view statistics and a few other interesting features such as ranking the great players throughout the history of the teams, team statistics, and even a photo gallery for both the Celtics and the Lakers.

          No one knows who will win this year’s NBA Finals but we can all be sure that both teams will put on a great show. The first few games of the series have been full of action, suprises, and excitement but there can only be one winner so only time will tell who has the talent to bring home the trophy. I think it is very interesting that Paul Pierce #34, the small forward/shooting guard for the Celtics, grew up in Inglewood, California (a suburb of Los Angeles) and despised the Celtics as a kid. He is very open in interviews about his childhood dislike for the Celtics and I wonder how his PR representatives are handling the press that results from those comments. Obviously it is not taking a huge toll on Pierce as a player or a teammate and I have not heard too much media criticism from it so I’m guessing his publicist does a very good job of maintaining his image.

     Even though this is not a picture of the current Boston-LA rivalry, I think that this photo of Larry Bird and Magic Johnson sums it up. They both want to bring victory to their teams but remain professional and dedicated to the sport.
Larry Bird and Magic Johnson



  1. MsOfficer said,

  2. ce00363 said,

    The rivalry is a great one and one that I have been watching closely over the last few years and have grown an appreciation to the rivalry years that I do not remember. If i was a PR professional for Pierce I would address the fact that he is from LA but his heart is in Boston now. I think Pierce loves his new home and will not mind beating the team he grew up watching. Lastly I hope the lakers will come back and win this finals, so I chose the lakers arena to click on. Go Lakers!!!

  3. akw11 said,

    I really like this post! Personally, I am very excited that the Lakers won! I love Kobe! But I also think that the games that them and the Celtics played were excellent and they are both fantastic and very talented teams. I also really like your picture that you put up and it really adds to your blog. I read some comments about the players and was also wondering how their PR people handled it. I understand that it must be hard to back up your clients and keep them and their fans happy. But overall it was great games and I think that both teams acted respectable and played to the best of their abilities!

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