June 1, 2010 at 6:25 pm (PRCA 3330 Topic of the Week)

Why are comments such an integral part of blogs? What advice would you offer on writing effective blog comments? (Be sure to link to at least two sources for your information.

          This week I will explore why comments are an interal part of blogs and also offer some advice on writing effective blog comments. Comments allow us to express our thoughts to others about their posts, receive the opinions of others, and also to aid in networking with others who share similar interests. Effective comments should be clear and get straight to the point.

          Giving comments to others about their posts allows them to see how the audience reacts to the content of their post, which helps them in forming future blog posts. This can also spark conversation among the creator of the post and those who choose to add comments.

          Comments allow us as bloggers to better understand the ways in which others form opinions about posts we create. These opinions may be supporting or opposing but either way the allow us to see both sides of issues and communicate with those who are interested in similar topics. Some comments are not only feedback about content, but about the entire blog in general. For example, someone may have a really interesting theme to their blog and others may want to know where to obtain it.

          Blog comments also provide an easy way to network and keep in touch with others. Comments on certain posts may spark conversations that could lead to further posts by others, which stir up comments. An example of networking with blog comments could be: if you come across a comment from someone you are not familiar with that gets your attention you may be promted to look at their blog. Then you might happen to see a post of theirs and choose to comment. This allows us to interact with others in different locations around the world and meet people who we may never have come across in other situations.

          In order to write effective blog comments, one must be sure to stay on topic. Keep your comments focused on the post that you are commenting on. If you wish to express an opinion about something that has to do with another topic, comment accordingly on a corresponding post. Sometimes a blogger will provide an area for general comments and you can post your thoughts in that category or even make your own post about it and ask for feedback from that person.

           There is a post on Dr. Nixon’s blog featuring ten blogging tips that will change your life (or at least your grade) that was originally  featured in Ragan’s PR Daily in December 2009. These tips, along with my own, can be extremely helpful to novice bloggers who are looking for some advice for getting started with blogging. Dr. Nixon’s blog contains not only these ten helpful hints for blogging, but many others for using wordpress and being successful in the class. I highly recommend taking a look at these tips when creating your own blog and commenting on the blogs of others!



  1. kaibee89 said,

    So you’ve obviously blogged before! lol. Your blog makes mine seem very boring! Your post is very enlightening to “novice” bloggers such as myself. I will definitely be reading up on your blog to make sure I’m staying on my toes with this class! You’ve helped me out tremedously and you don’t even know it! Thanks!!

  2. Blog Comments « KaiBee's Blog said,

    […] TOW 2 By Lauren […]

  3. ce00363 said,

    I could not have said it better myself Lauren. I also liked the ten ways to write better blogs. Thanks

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